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use your style and old fashion of the Court
towards me, and pay me with a Pardon.
Here therefore I humbly kisse your Ladi-
ships fair learned hands, and wish you
good wishes and speedy grants.
Your Ladiships servant
J. Donne.

To the Honourable Knight Sir H. Goodere.

Because things be conserved by the same
means, which established them, I nurse
that friendship by Letters, which you be-
got so; though you have since strengthened
it by more solid aliment and real offices. In
these Letters from the Country there is this
merit, that I do otherwise willingly turn
mine eye or thoughts from my books, com-
panions in whom there in no falshood nor
frowardnesse: which words, I am glad to
observe that the holy Authors often joyne
as expressers and relatives to one another,
because else out of a naturall descent to that
unworthy fault of frowardnesse, furthered
[CW: with]

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