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Though my friendship be good for
nothing else, it may give you the pro-
fit of a tentation, or of an affliction: It may
excuse your patience; and though it can-
not allure, it shall importune you. Though
I know you have many worthy friends of
all rankes, yet I adde something, since I
which am of none, would fain be your
friend too. There is some of the honour
and some of the degrees of a Creation, to
make a friendship of nothing. Yet, not to
annihilate my self utterly (for though it
seem humblenesse, yet it is a work of as
much almightinesse, to bring a thing to
nothing, as from nothing) though I be not
of the best stuffe for friendship, which men
of warm and durable fortunes only are, I
cannot say, that I am not of the best fashion,
if truth and honesty be that; which I must
ever exercise, towards you, because I learned
it of you: for the conversation with wor-
thy men, and of good example, (though it
[CW: sow]

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