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To Sr H. G.

It should be no interruption to your
pleasures, to hear me often say that I love
you, and that you are as much my medita-
tions as my self: I often compare not you
and me, but the sphear in which your re-
solutions are, and my wheel; both I hope
concentrique to God: for me thinks the
new Astronomie is thus appliable well, that
we which are a little earth, should rather
move towards God, then that he which is
fulfilling, and can come no whither, should
move towards us. To your life full of vari-
ety, nothing is old, nor new to mine; and
as to that life, all stickings and hesitations
seem stupid and stony, so to this, all fluid
slipperinesses, and transitory migrations
seem giddie and featherie. In that life one
is ever in the porch or postern, going in or
out, never within his house himself: It is
a garment made of remnants, a life raveld
out into ends, a line discontinued, and a
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