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To the same.

It is in our State ever held for a good sign
to change Prison, and nella Signoria de
mi, I will think it so, that my sicknesse hath
given me leave to come to my London-pri-
son. I made no doubt but my entrance-pain
(for it was so rather then a sicknesse, but
that my sadnesse putrefied and corrupted it
to that name) affected you also; for nearer
Contracts then generall Christianity, had
made us so much towards one, that one
part cannot escape the distemper of the o-
ther. I was therefore very carefull, as well
to slack any sorrow which my danger
might occasion in you; as to give you the
comfort of having been heard in your
prayers for me, to tell you as soon as my
pain remitted what steps I made towards
health, which I did last week. This Tues-
day morning your man brought me a Let-
ter, which (if he had not found me at Lon-
don) I see he had a hasty commandment to
[CW: have]

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