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Arondell house, and stay in town so that I will sup
with the good Lady, and write again to morrow to you, if
any thing be occasioned there, which concerns you, and
I will tell her so; next day they are to return to Ham-
pton, and upon Friday the King to Royston.

To Sir H. Goodere.

If this which I send you inclosed give me
right intelligence, I present you a way by
which you may redeem all your former
wastes, and recompense your ill fortunes,
in having sometimes apprehended unsuc-
cesfull suits, and (that which I presume you
affect most) ease your self from all future
inquisition of widowes or such businesses
as aske so over industrious a pursuit, as de-
vest a man from his best happinesse of en-
joying himself. I give you (I think) the first
knowledge, of two millions confiscated to
the Crown of England: of which I dare
assure my self the coffers have yet touched
none, nor have the Commissioners for suits
[CW: any]

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