First-Line Index to TT2

ms. Dalhousie II, Texas Tech University

Compiled by JoAnna Klein from the facsimile of Ernest W. Sullivan, II

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical; pr = prose), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line.

nc pr      TT2.1,    f. 1          HE [om]
                                   Sett in the kitching gardine; the 28th of september
nc pr      TT2.2,    f. 1v         HE [om]
                                   In my defenc god me defend and bring
                     f. 2r-v       [blank]
nc         TT2.3,    f. 3          HE [om]
                                   My deare and onelie loue tak heede, least fame a fault descry.
                                   [l.2] If thou now longing louers feede; vponne thy wandring eye
                     f. 3v         [blank]
nc         TT2.4,    f. 4          HE [om]
                                   My deere and onlie loue tak heed
                                   [l.2] Lest thou thye face expose
nc         TT2.5,    f. 4v         HE [om]
                                   My deere and onlie loue tak heed
                                   [l.2] how thou thy loue disclose
ElProg     TT2.6,   ff. 5-6        HE [om]
                                   Who ever loues, if he doe not propose
                     f. 6v         [blank]
nc         TT2.7,   ff. 7-8        HE [om]
                                   If kinges did heretofore there loues indite
                     f. 8v         [blank]
ElBrac     TT2.8,    f. 9-10       HE [om]
                                   Not that in colour it was like thy haire
nc         TT2.9,    f. 10         HE [om]
                                   Vnto that sparklinge witt that spirritt of fire
                     f. 10v        [blank]
Curse      TT2.10,   f. 11         HE %XThe Cursse
                                   Who ever guesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes
Mess       TT2.11,   f. 11v        HE %XSong
                                   Send home my longe strayed eies to me[e]
nc         TT2.12,   f. 12r-v      HE [om]
                                   Not kisse? by loue I must and make Impression
nc         TT2.13,   f. 13         HE [om]
                                   Beware fayre Mayde; of musicke courtiers oathes
nc         TT2.14,   f. 13         HE [om]
                                   Lost Iewells may be recouered, virginite never:|
nc         TT2.15,   f. 13         HE [om]
                                   Yst for a fauoure, or for some dislike
nc         TT2.16,   f. 13v        HE %XA songe
                                   I die when as I doe not see
nc         TT2.17,   f. 13v        HE [om]
                                   Onste and no more, so sayd my loue
nc         TT2.18,   f. 13v        HE [om]
                                   ffor a louinge constant hart
nc         TT2.19,   f. 14         HE %XA songe
                                   When my hart seemes most ingaged
                     f. 14v        [blank]
ElPerf     TT2.20,   f. 15r-v      HE %XElegia 3.
                                   Once and but once found in thy company
ELChange   TT2.21,   f. 16         HE %XEligia. 4.
                                   Although thy hand and faith and good workes too
ElWar      TT2.22,   f. 16v        HE %XEligia 5.
                                   When I have peace wth thee warr other men
ElBed      TT2.23,   f. 17         HE %XElegia: 6.
                                   Come Maddame come all rest my powers defie
ElAut      TT2.24,   f. 17v        HE Widdowe Her [LM]
                                   No springe nor summer beautie hath such grace
Storm      TT2.25,   f. 18r-v      HE %XA Storme
                                   Thou wch art I (tis nothing to be soe
Calm       TT2.26,   f. 19         HE %XA Calme
                                   Our storme is past and that stormes tirannous rage
RWThird    TT2.27,   f. 19v        HE [om]
                                   Like one who in her third widdowhood doth professe
HWNews     TT2.28,   f. 20         HE [om]
                                   Here is no more newes then vertue I may as well
nc         TT2.29,   f. 20v        HE [om]
                                   Deere loue contynue nice and chaste
nc         TT2.30,   f. 21         HE [om]
                                   Wonder of Beautie Goddesse of my sence
nc         TT2.31,   f. 21         HE [om]
                                   ffaire Eies doe not thinke scorne to read of loue
nc         TT2.32,   f. 21v        HE %XCarold for new yeeres day 1624
                                   Tymes have there seasons and doe comprehend
nc         TT2.33,   f. 22         HE [om]
                                 The worlds['sa buble, and the lyfe of man
Leg        TT2.34,   f. 22v        HE %XElegie
                                   When I died last and deare I die
Broken     TT2.35,   f. 23         HE %XElegie
                                   Hee is stark madd who ever sayes
GoodM      TT2.36,   f. 23v        HE [om]
                                   I wonder by my trothe what thow and I
Break      TT2.37,   f. 23v        HE [om]
                                   T'is true t'is day what though it bee
Triple     TT2.38,   f. 24         HE [om]
                                   I am two fooles I know
LovDiet    TT2.39,   f. 24r-v      HE %XLoues Dyett
                                   To whatt a cumbersome vnwildines
ValMourn   TT2.40,  ff. 24v-25     HE %XElegie
                                   As vertuous men pas mildlie away
ElServe    TT2.41,   f. 25r-v      HE %XElegie
                                   Oh let me not mee serue so, as those men serue
Will       TT2.42,  ff. 25v-26     HE %XLoues Legacie
                                   Before I sighe my last gaspe let me breath
nc         TT2.43,  ff. 26-27      HE %XTo the Countesse of Rutland
                                 Madame / So may my verses pleasing bee
ElExpost   TT2.44,   f. 27r-v      HE %XElegie
                                   To make the doubt more cleare that no wo^man's true
SGo        TT2.45,   f. 28         HE %XA Song
                                   Goe and catch a falling starr
LovDeity   TT2.46,   f. 28v        HE %XLoues dietie
                                   I long to talk with some old louers ghost
Flea       TT2.47,   f. 29         HE [om]
                                   Mark but this flea and mark in this
Commun     TT2.48,   f. 29r-v      HE [om]
                                   Good wee must loue and must hate ill
WomCon     TT2.49,   f. 29v        HE [om]
                                   Now thow hast lou'd mee one whole day
nc         TT2.50,   f. 30r-v      HE [om]
                                   Goe soule the bodies guest
nc         TT2.51,  ff. 30v-31     HE %XThe fruites of a good Conscience
                                   To shyne in silk and glister all in gold
ElAnag     TT2.52,   f. 31r-v      HE [om]
                                   Marie and loue thy flauia for shee
nc         TT2.53,   f. 31v        HE [om]
                                   I die when as I do not sie
nc         TT2.54,   f. 32         HE [om]
                                   Once and no more soe sayd my loue
nc         TT2.55,   f. 32v        HE [om]
                                   Hade shee a glase and feard the fyre
nc         TT2.56,   f. 32v        HE [My de][faded]
                                   My dead and buried loue is resin againe
nc         TT2.57,   f. 32v        HE [om]
                                   Why doe yee giue mee leaue to sip
nc         TT2.58,   f. 33         HE %XCarold for newe yeares day. 1624
                                   Tymes haue there seasones and doe comprehend
                     f. 33v        [blank]
nc         TT2.59,   f. 34         HE [om]
                                 All that hath eyes, now wake and weepe
nc         TT2.60,   f. 34v        HE %XAn Epitaph vpon the / %XDuke off Buckinghame
                                 Dearling off Kings, Patrone off armes,


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