First-Line Index to H3

ms. Eng. 966.1, Harvard University Library (Nnorton ms. 4502, Carnaby ms.)

Compiled January 19, 1999, by J. Syd Conner

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %+ = preceding letter is a large cap.  The brackets »…« indicate material inserted in a second hand.

                 f. 1         [scribal flourishes and, centered on page, Looke to my]
                 f. 1v        [scribal(?)  n h s f / Iae]
Henry    H3.1   ff. 2-3       HE  Elegie of Prince / Henrie.|
                                L%+ooke to me Faithe, and looke to my faithe God
BedfReas H3.2    f. 3r-v      HE  To the Countesse of Bedfoorde
                                Madam / [ind]Reason is our soules left hand, faith her right
BedfRef  H3.3   ff. 3v-4v     HE  Another to her
                                Madam. / You haue refin'd mee and to worthiest thinges
ValMourn H3.4   ff. 4v-5      HE  A Valediction
                                As vertuous men passe mildly away
ElBrac   H3.5   ff. 5-6       HE  M..r[sic] Iohn Donne to a Ladie / whose Chaine he had loste
                                N%+ot that in Colour it was like thy haire
Sat1     H3.6   ff. 6-7v      HE  A Satyre of M:r Iohn Donnes
                                Away thou Changelinge motly humoriste
Sat2     H3.7   ff. 7v-9      HE  Another Satyre of M:r Iohn Donne
                                Sr thoughe I thanke God >%Vfor it< I doe hate
Sat4     H3.8   ff. 9-12      HE  Another Satyre by the same I:D:|
                                Well may I nowe receiue and dye; my sinne
Sat3     H3.9   ff. 12-13v    HE  The Fourthe Satyre
                                K%+inde pittie choakes my spleen, braue scorne forbids
ElAnag   H3.10  ff. 13v-14v   HE  Elegie
                                M%+arry and loue thy Flavia, for she
HG       H3.11  ff. 14v-15    HE  To Sir Henry Goodyer
                                Whoe makes the paste a patterne for next yeare
Goodf    H3.12   f. 15r-v     HE  Goodfriday 1613.|
                                Lett mans Soule be a Spheare, and then in this
Mess     H3.13   f. 16        HE  Songe
                                Send home my longe stray'de eyes to mee
Commun   H3.14   f. 16r-v     HE  [om] »(Community / Ch.33.)«
                                Good we muste loue and muste hate ill
ElNat    H3.15  ff. 16v-17    HE  [om]
                                Natures lay Idiot, I tought the to loue
ElPerf   H3.16  ff. 17-18     HE  Elegie
                                Once and but once founde in thy Companie
ElBed    H3.17   f. 18r-v     HE  Elegie.|
                                Come Madam come, all rest my power defie
ConfL    H3.18  ff. 18v-19    HE  To the Worthiest of all my / Louers.|
                                Some man vnworthy to be possessor
Will     H3.19   f. 19r-v     HE  The Will.|
                                Before I sighe my laste gaspe lett me breath
Fun      H3.20  ff. 19v-20    HE  The Funerall.|
                                Whoe euer comes to shrowd me doe not harme
Flea     H3.21   f. 20        HE  The Flea.|
                                Marke but this Flea and marke in this
Appar    H3.22   f. 20v       HE  The Apparition.|
                                When by thy scorne. o%C Murdresse I am dead
Twick    H3.23  ff. 20v-21    HE  [om]
                                Blasted with sighes, and surrounded with teares
ElServe  H3.24   f. 21r-v     HE  Elegie.|
                                Oh let me not serue soe, as those men serue
ElChange H3.25  ff. 21v-22    HE  Elegie
                                Allthoughe thy hand, and faithe, and good workes too
ElExpost H3.26  ff. 22-23     HE  Elegie.|
                                To make the doubt clere that noe Weomans true
LovDiet  H3.27   f. 23r-v     HE  Loues Diett.|
                                To what a Combersome Vnwealdinesse
Witch    H3.28   f. 23v       HE  The Picture.|
                                I fixe myne eye on thyne and there
TWHail   H3.29   f. 24        HE  [om]
                                All Haile sweet Poett full of more strange fire
Antiq    H3.30   f. 24v       HE  [om]
                                If in his Study Hamon hathe suche care
Disinher H3.31   f. 24v       HE  [om]
                                Thy Father all from the by his laste Will
Liar     H3.32   f. 24v       HE  [om]
                                Thou in the feilds walk'st out thy Supping houres
Pyr      H3.33   f. 24v       HE  Pyramus & Thisby.|
                                Twoe by themselus each other, loue, and feare
nc       H3.34   f. 24v       HE  [om; subscribed I.D.|] 
                                A Silly Iohn surpriz'd with ioy
Storm    H3.35  ff. 24v-25v   HE  Storme.|
                                Thou which arte I t'is noethinge to be soe
Calm     H3.36  ff. 25v-26v   HE  Calme.|
                                Our storme is paste, and that Stormes Tirannous rage
Dreame   H3.37  ff. 26v-27    HE  A Dreame
                                Deare loue for nothinge lesse then the
ElWar    H3.38   f. 27r-v     HE  [om]
                                Till I haue peace with thee Warre other men
ElJeal   H3.39  ff. 27v-28    HE [om]
                                Fond weoman which wouldst haue thy husband dy
nc       H3.40   f. 28        HE [om; subscribed I.D.|] 
                                True loue findes witt, but he whose witt dothe moue
Anniv    H3.41   f. 28v       HE [om] 
                                All Kings and all their fauorites
ElPict   H3.42   f. 29        HE  Elegie|
                                Heer take my picture, thoughe I bid farwell
ElProg   H3.43  ff. 29-30v    HE [om]
                                Whoe euer loues if he doe not propose
Carey    H3.44  ff. 30v-31v   HE  A Letter to the Lady Carey
                                Madam / Heere whereby all Saintes invoked are
Canon    H3.45  ff. 31v-32    HE  The Canonization.|
                                For god's sake hold your tongue, and let me loue
Bait     H3.46   f. 32r-v     HE  Songe.|    »The Bait.«
                                Come liue with me and be my loue
Broken   H3.47  ff. 32v-33    HE  Songe      »The Broken Heart.«
                                Hee is starke mad whoe euer sayes
LovAlch  H3.48   f. 33        HE  Mummey.|   »(Love's Alchemy)«
                                Some that haue deeper dig'd loues mine than I
nc       H3.49   f. 33r-v     HE [om; subscribed to I. D.|]
                                Absence heare thou my protestation
SGo      H3.50   f. 33v       HE  Songe.|
                                Goe and catche a fallinge Starre
Token    H3.51   f. 34        HE  [om; subscribed to I. D.|]
                                Send me some tokens that my loue may liue
LovDeity H3.52   f. 34r-v     HE  Loues Deity.|
                                I longe to talke with some old louers Ghoast
HWKiss   H3.53  ff. 34v-35    HE  To S:r Henry Wootten.|
                                Sr more than kisses letters mingle Soules
ElComp   H3.54  ff. 35v-36    HE  Elegie
                                As the sweet sweat of roses in a Still
nc       H3.55  ff. 36-37     HE  [om; subscribed to I.D.] »(Elegy xii. / Ch. i.125.)«
                                Come fates I feare yow not, all whome I owe
HWNews   H3.56   f. 37        HE  From Courte a Letter to / Sr Henry Wootton.|
                                Heere's noe more news then vertue, I may as well
Leg      H3.57   f. 37v       HE  Songe
                                When I dyed laste, (and deare I dye
Triple   H3.58  ff. 37v-38    HE  Songe.|
                                I am two fooles I knowe
LovGrow  H3.59   f. 38        HE  The Springe.|
                                I scarce beleiue my loue to be soe pure
Prohib   H3.60   f. 38v       HE  [om] »(The Prohibition. / Ch.i.72)«
                                Take heed of loueinge me
SunRis   H3.61  ff. 38v-39    HE  To the Sunne
                                Buisy old foole vnruly Su%Mn
Fever    H3.62   f. 39r-v     HE  The Feauer.|
                                Oh doe not dy for I shall hate
LovUsury H3.63   f. 39v       HE  [om] »(Love's Usury / Ch.i.10)«
                                For euerie houre that thou wilt spare me nowe
ValBook  H3.64  ff. 39v-40v   HE  The Booke.|
                                Ile tell the nowe deare loue what thou shalt doe
RWThird  H3.65  ff. 40v-41    HE  A Letter to M:r Rowland / Woodward
                                Like one whoe in her third Widdow=hood dothe professe
nc       H3.66   f. 41r-v     HE [om; subscribed to I.D.|]
                                Vengeance will sitt 
nc       H3.67   f. 41v       HE [om; subscribed to I.D.|]
                                If her disdaine in yow lest Change can moue
BoulNar  H3.68   f. 42r-v     HE  An elegie vppon the deathe of / M%J:rs%K Boulstred.|
                                Language thou arte to narrowe, and to weake
BedfShe  H3.69  ff. 42v-43    HE  An Elegie to the Ladie / Bedfoorde.|
                                You that are shee, and yow that's double shee
    [Items H3.70 and H3.71 are conjoined as if one poem.]
BoulRec  H3.70  ff. 43-44     HE  Another Elegie on the deathe / of M:rs Boulstred.|
                                Deathe I recant, and say vnsaide by me
nc       H3.71   f. 44r-v     HE  [om; see note above H3.70]
                                Deathe be not proud thy hand giues not this blowe
Mark     H3.72   f. 45r-v     HE  A Funerall Elegie vppon the / Ladie Markeham
                                Man is the world and deathe the Ocean
Sorrow   H3.73  ff. 45v-46    HE  Elegie
                                Sorrowe whoe to this house scarce knew the way
nc       H3.74  ff. 46-47v    HE  [om by scribe, but subscribed I.D.|] »An El. on the Death of 
                                  Eliz. Countess of Rutland.« / [RM]»By Fr. Beaumont.« 
                                I may forget to eate to drinke to Sleep
nc       H3.75  ff. 47v-48    HE  An elegie on the deathe of / the Ladie Markeham.|
                                As vnthriftes greiue in Strawe for their paund bedds
                                [ascribed »By Francis Beaumont.«; scribally subscribed I.D.|]
EdHerb   H3.76  ff. 48v-49    HE  A Letter to S:r Edward Herbert / Incerti Authoris.|
                                Man is >%Va< lumpe where all beastes kneaded bee
ValWeep  H3.77   f. 49r-v     HE  A Valediction of Teares.|
                                [ind]Let me power forthe
ValName  H3.78  ff. 49v-50    HE  A Valediction of my name in the / Glasse windowe.|
                                My name ingraud' herein        
                                [ll. 1-38 only; f. 50 blank except for ll. 37-38 at top]
                 f. 50v         [notes in a much later hand (Norton?)]
                 f. 51          [written names or gibberish and nameplates for C.E. Norton and the 
                                Houghton Library]

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