First-Line Index to H4

Eng. 966.3, Harvard ms. (Norton ms.)

Compiled November 27, 2000, by JoAnna Klein

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line.

Sat1        H04.1   1-2v     HE  %XSatire:                              
                             Awaie thou fondling Motley humorist 
Sat3        H04.2   2v-4     HE  %XSatyra: >>(3)<<                              
                             Kinde pitty choakes my spleene, braue scorne forbiddes 
Sat4        H04.3   4-7v     HE  %XSatire: I:D:[RM]                              
                             Well, I maye nowe receiue, and dye; my sinne 
Sat5        H04.4   7v-9     HE  %XSatire:                              
                             Thou shalt not laugh in this leafe Muse, nor they 
nc          H04.5   9-11     HE  I:R:[LM] %XSatire: >>In ed. of 1669 as / Satire VI<<[RM]                              
                             Sleepe next societie, and true friendship 
Sat2        H04.6   11-12v   HE  I D.[LM] %XSatyre                              
                             S%5r%6 though (I thanke god for it) I doe hate 
ELBrac      H04.7   12v-14v  HE  %XElegie: [HE and CW ("Not that") on f. 12v]                               
                             I:D:[LM] Not that in collour it was like thy haire 
Storm       H04.8   14v-15v  HE  ID:[LM] %XThe Storme to M%5r%6 C: B:                               
                             . . .[LM] Thou w%5ch%6 art I (tis nothing to be soe) 
Calm        H04.9   15v-16v  HE  %XThe Calme:                              
                             . . .[LM] Our Storme is past, and that Stormes tyrannous rage 
ElAnag      H04.10  16v-17v  HE  %XElegie:                              
                             . . .[LM] Marry; and loue thy Flavia, ffor shee 
RWThird     H04.11  17v-18   HE  >>To / Row. Woodward<<[LM]
                             I:D: / [LM] Like one who in her third widowhood doth professe 
HWNews      H04.12  18r-v    HE  [om] 
                             ID: to M%5r%6 / H:W:[LM] Here is noe more newes then vertue; I may as well 
ElComp      H04.13  18v-19   HE   %XElegie:                              
                             I:D:[LM] As the sweet sweat of Roses in a still 
ElPerf      H04.14  19-20    HE  %XElegie: 
                             I:D:[LM] Once, and but once found in thy companie. 
ElChange    H04.15  20v-21   HE  %XElegie: 
                             I:D:[LM] Although thy hand, and faith, and good works too 
ElNat       H04.16  21       HE  %XElegie 
                             Natures laye Ideott, I taught thee to love, 
ElAut       H04.17  21v-22   HE  %XElegie: 
                             Noe spring, nor Summer beauty hath such grace 
Image       H04.18  22r-v    HE  %XElegie: 
                             I:D: / . . .[LM] Image of her whom I loue more, then shee 
Break       H04.19  22v      HE  %XBreake of Daye: 
                             I:D:[LM] Tis true, tis daye: what though it be 
SunRis      H04.20  22v-23   HE  %XSun riseinge [title and CW: Busie: on f. 22v.] 
                             . . .[LM] Busie old Foole, vnruly sun 
Lect        H04.21  23r-v    HE  %XLecture vpon the shadowe: 
                             I:D:[LM] Stand still, and I will read to thee    
ValMourn    H04.22  23v-24   HE  %XValediction forbidding mourning: 
                             As vertuous men pass mildely awaye 
ElServe     H04.23  24-25    HE  %XElegie: 
                             Oh, let mee >>%Vnot<< serve soe, as those men serve 
Leg         H04.24  25       HE  %XElegie: >>The Legacy.<<
                             When I died last, (and deere I dye) 
Triple      H04.25  25v      HE  %XThe Triple Foole: 
                             I am twoe fooles I knowe 
Mark        H04.26  25v-26v  HE  %XAn Elegie vpon the death of the Lady: Marckham: 
                             Man is the world, and death the Ocean 
BoulRec     H04.27  26v-27v  HE  %XAn Elegie vpon the death of M%5rs%6 Bulstrod 
                             Death I recant, and saie, vnsaid by mee 
GoodM       H04.28  27v-28   HE  %XThe Good Morrowe: 
                             I%+ wonder by my troth, what thou, and I 
Broken      H04.29  28r-v    HE  %X>>The broken heart.<< 
                             . . .[LM] He is stark mad who euer saies 
Twick       H04.30  28v-29   HE  %XTwitnam Garden: 
                             . . .[LM] Blasted w%5th%6 sighes, and surrounded w%5th%6 teares 
ElWar       H04.31  29r-v    HE  %XElegie: 
                             . . .[LM] Till I haue peace w%5th%6 thee, warre other men 
BoulNar     H04.32  29v-30v  HE  %XElegie vpon the death of M%5rs%6 Bulstrod: 
                             Language thou art too narrowe and too weake 
BedfShe     H04.33  30v-31   HE  %XElegie to the Ladye Bedford: 
                             Yo%5w%6 that are shee, and yo%5w%6 thats double shee, 
nc          H04.34  31-32    HE  %X>>Ad Cometissam Rutlandiae.*<< >>By Fr. Beaumont<<[RM]
                             Soe may my verses pleasing be 
Curse       H04.35  32r-v    HE  %XThe Curse: 
                             . . .[LM] Who euer guesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes 
LovAlch     H04.36  32v-33   HE  %XMummy: 
                             . . .[LM] Some that haue deeper dig'd loves myne then I 
Canon       H04.37  33r-v    HE  %XThe Canonization. 
                             . . .[LM] For God's sake hold yo%5r%6 tongue, and let me love 
LovDiet     H04.38  33v-34   HE  %XLoues Diett. 
                             . . .[LM] To what a Combersome %Jvnwillingness%K[MVar:>[trimmed]wildiness<] 
Will        H04.39  34r-v    HE  %XLoues Legacies >>The Will<< 
                             . . .[LM] Before I sigh my last gasp, let me breathe 
ElExpost    H04.40  35-36    HE  %XElegie. 
                             . . .[LM] To make the doubt cleare, that noe woman's true 
Para        H04.41  36       HE  %X>>The Paradox<<  
                             . . .[LM] Noe lover saith, I loue, nor any other 
nc          H04.42  36r-v    HE  %XA: Paradox: >>Not Donne's?<<[LM] 
                             . . .[LM] Who soe tearmes Loue a fire, may like a Poet >>ch.ii.270.<<[LM] 
SGo         H04.43  36v-37   HE  %XS%+onge. 
                             . . .[LM] Goe, and catch a falling Starre 
WomCom      H04.44  37       HE  %XWomans Constancye: 
                             . . .[LM] Now thou hast lou'd me one whole daye 
Commun      H04.45  37r-v    HE  %X>>Community.<< 
                             Good we must loue, and most hate ill 
Flea        H04.46  37v-38   HE  %X>>The Flea<< 
                             Mark but this ff***, and marke in this: 
Ecst        H04.47  38-39    HE  %XExtasie. 
                             . . .[LM] When like a pillow on a bed 
LovDeity    H04.48  39r-v    HE  %XLoues Deitye: 
                             . . .[LM] I long to talke w%5th%6 some old louers ghost, 
Fun         H04.49  39v-40   HE  %XThe Funerall: 
                             . . .[LM] Who ever comes to shrowde me, doe not harme 
EpEliz      H04.50  40-41v   HE  %XEpithalamium. 
                             Hayle Bishop Valentine, whose day this is 
ElProg      H04.51  41v-43   HE  %XElegie: 
                             Who euer loues, if hee doe not propose 
Blos        H04.52  43r-v    HE  %XThe Blossome 
                             . . .[LM] Little thinkst thou poore fflower 
ElBed       H04.53  43v-44   HE  %XElegie: 
                             I:D: . . .[LM] Come Maddame come; All rest my powers defie 
Appar       H04.54  44r-v    HE  %XAn Apparition. 
                             I:D:[LM] When by thy scorne o%C murdress I am dead 
HWKiss      H04.55  44v-45v  HE  %XTo S%5r%6 Henry Wootton: 
                             . . .[LM] S%5r%6, more then kisses, letters mingle soules 
nc          H04.56  45v-46v  HE  %XAn Elegie vpon the death of the: / Lord: Effingham: R:Cor/>>Corbet<<[RM] 
                             I did not knowe thee Lord: nor doe I striue 
Prim        H04.57  46v-47   HE  %XThe Primrose: 
                             Vpon this Primrose hill, 
TWHail      H04.58  47r-v    HE  %XTo M: T: W: 
                             All haile sweete Poet more full of more stronge fire 
TWHarsh     H04.59  47v      HE  %XTo: M: T: W: 
                             Hast thee harsh verse, as fast as thy lame measure 
TWPreg      H04.60  47v-48   HE  %XTo: M T: W:[CW:Pregnant.] 
                             Pregnant againe w%5th%6 th'old twynes hope and feare 
TWHence     H04.61  48       HE  >>Incerto<<[RM]  
                             At once from hence my lines, and I depart 
                             [poem entered as continuation of TWPreg; st structure duplicated] 
CB          H04.62  48r-v    HE  %XTo M: C: B: 
                             Thy friend whom thy deserts to thee inchayne 
SB          H04.63  48v      HE  %XTo: M: S: B: 
                             O thou w%5ch%6 to search out the secret parts 
BB          H04.64  48v-49   HE  %XTo: M: B: B: 
                             Is not thy sacred hunger of science 
RWSlumb     H04.65  49r-v    HE  %XTo: M%5r%6 R: W: 
                             If as mine is, thy life a slumber be 
ILRoll      H04.66  49v      HE  %XTo: M: I: L: 
                             Of that short roll of friends writt in my heart 
ILBlest     H04.67  50       HE  %XTo: M: I: L: 
                             Blest are yo%5r%6 North parts, ffor all this longe tyme 
HWVenice    H04.68  50r-v    HE  %XS%5r%6 Henry Wotton, at his going / Ambassadour to Venice.                                 
                             After those reverend papers, whose soule is 
HG          H04.69  50v-51v  HE  %XTo: S%5r%6: H: G: mouing him to Trauell: 
                             Who makes thee past a patterne for next yeare 
EdHerb      H04.70  51v-52   HE  %XTo: S%5r%6: E: H: 
                             . . .[LM] Man is a lump, where all Beasts kneaded be 
MHPaper     H04.71  52-53    HE  %XTo: M: M:  H.: 
                             Mad paper staie, and grudge not heere %Ynot he%Z to burne%Y:%Z 
BedfReas    H04.72  53r-v    HE  %XTo the Countess: of: B: / Maddame: 
                             . . .[LM] Reason is our Soules left hand, ffaith her Right 
BedfHon     H04.73  53v-54v  HE  %XTo the Countess of B: 
                             Honour is soe sublime Perfection 
BedfRef      H04.74  54v-55v  HE  %XTo the Countess of: B: 
                             Yo%5w%6 haue refinde mee, and to worthiest thinges 
BedfWrit    H04.75  55v-57   HE  %XTo the Countess of: B: 
                             T'haue written then when yo%5w%6 writt seem'd to mee 
BedfTwi     H04.76  57-58    HE  %XTo the Countess of B: at newyeares tyde 
                             . . .[LM] This Twi=light of twoe yeares, not past nor next 
HuntMan     H04.77  58-59    HE  Maddam:[LM] %XTo the C: of H:  
                             Man to Gods Image, Eue, to mans was made 
Sal         H04.78  59v-60v  HE  %XTo the Countess of: S: 
                             Faire, great, and good; since seeing yo%5w%6, we see 
Carey       H04.79  60v-61v  HE  %XTo the: La: Co: of: C:  
                             Maddam:[LM] Heere where by all, All Saintes invoaked are 
Sappho      H04.80  61v-62   HE  %XSapho: to Philae%Lnis: 
                             Where is that holie fire, w%5ch%6 verse is said 
ElJeal      H04.81  62v      HE  %XElegie: 
                             . . .[LM] Fond Woaman thou wouldst haue thy husband die 
ElFatal     H04.82  63r-v    HE  %XElegie: 
                             By our first strange, and fatall interviewe 
ElPict      H04.83  63v-64   HE  %XElegie. 
                             Heere take my picture; though I bid farewell 
Noct        H04.84  64r-v    HE  %XA Nocturnall on S%5t%6 Lucie's daie, being / the shortest daye           
                             . . .[LM] T'is the yeares midnight, and it is the daies 
Compu       H04.85  64v      HE  %XThe Computation. 
                             . . .[LM] For the first twenty yeares since yesterdaie 
Dissol      H04.86  64v-65   HE  %XThe Dissolution [CW:Shees dead:] 
                             Shees dead, and all w%5ch%6 die 
Witch       H04.87  65r-v    HE  %XWitchcraft by a Picture: 
                             I fix myne eie on thine, and there 
Jet         H04.88  65v      HE  %XA Ieatt ring sent. 
                             Thou art not soe blacke as my heart 
LovExch     H04.89  65v-66   HE  %XLoues Exchaunge 
                             . . .[LM] Loue, any diuell else but yo%5w%6 
Fever       H04.90  66r-v    HE  %XFever 
                             . . .[LM] Oh doe not die, ffor I shall hate 
Ind         H04.91  66v-67   HE  %XThe Indifferent: 
                             . . .[LM] I can loue both faire, and browne 
ValName     H04.92  67-68    HE  %XValediction of my name in the Windowe: 
                             My name ingrav'd heerein 
Air         H04.93  68r-v    HE  %XAire, and Angells: 
                             Twice, or thrice had I loued thee 
LovGrow     H04.94  68v      HE  %XLoues growth: 
                             . . .[LM] I scarce believe my loue to be soe pure 
Dream       H04.95  69       HE  %XThe Dreame: 
                             . . .[LM] Deare Loue, for nothing less then thee 
Prohib      H04.96  69r-v    HE  %XThe Prohibition: 
                             . . .[LM] Take heede of loving mee 
Anniv       H04.97  69v-70   HE  %XThe Anniversarie 
                             All Kinges and all their Favorites 
Damp        H04.98  70       HE  %XThe Dampe: 
                             . . .[LM] When I am dead, and doctors know not why 
Relic       H04.99  70r-v    HE  %XThe Relique: 
                             When my grave is broke vp againe 
NegLov      H04.100 70v-71   HE  %XNegatiue Loue: 
                             . . .[LM] I neuer stoopd' soe lowe as they 
ValWeep     H04.101 71       HE   %XValediction of weeping: 
                             Let mee powre forth 
ValBook     H04.102 71v-72   HE  %XA Valediction of the Booke 
                             Ile tell thee now deere loue what thou shalt doe 
Expir       H04.103 72r-v    HE  %XThe Expiration: 
                             . . .[LM] Soe, soe breake off this lamenting kisse 
Under       H04.104 72v      HE  %XPlatonique Loue: >>The Undertaking<< 
                             . . .[LM] I haue done one braver thinge 
ConfL       H04.105 73       HE  %X>>Confined Love.<< 
                             Some man [being] vnworthy to be Possessor 
Mess        H04.106 73r-v    HE  %XSongs w%5ch%6 were made to certaine / Aires 
                                 w%5ch%6 were made before. >>The Message<<[RM]                              
                             Send home my long stray'd eies to mee,
                             [HE applies to following songs also]
SSweet      H04.107 73v      HE  [om]                              
                             >>Songs *.16<<[LM] Sweetest Love I doe not goe for wearinesse of thee 
Bait        H04.108 74       HE  %X>>The Bait.<< 
                             Come live w%5th%6 me and be my loue 
Hero        H04.109 74       HE  %XEpigrammes / Hero & Leander: 
                             Both rob'd of aire wee both lie in one ground 
Pyr         H04.110 74v      HE  %XPiramus & Thisbe: 
                             Two by themselues each other loue and feare 
Niobe       H04.111 74v      HE  %XNiobe. 
                             By Childrens birth, and death I am become 
Ship        H04.112 74v      HE  %XA Burnt Shipp. 
                             Out of a fired ship, w%5ch%6 by noe waie 
Wall        H04.113 74v      HE  %XFall of a Wall: 
                             Vnder an vndermyn'de, and shott-bruisd wall 
Beggar      H04.114 74v      HE  %XA Lame Begger: 
                             I am vnable yonder Begger cries 
Licent      H04.115 74v      HE  %XA Licentious Person: 
                             Thy sinns and haire maie noe man equall call, 
Antiq       H04.116 74v      HE  %XAntiquarie 
                             If in his studie he haue soe much care 
Merc        H04.117 74v      HE  %XMercurius Gallo=Belgicus 
                             Like AE%Lsops fellowe-slaves, o%C Mercurie 
Phrine      H04.118 75       HE  %XPhrine: 
                             Thy flattering picture Phrine is like thee 
Philo       H04.119 75       HE  %XAn obscure Writer: 
                             Philo w%5th%6 twelue yeares studit hath bin grieu'd 
Klock       H04.120 75       HE  [om] 
                             Klockius soe deeplie hath sworne ne're more to come 
Martial     H04.121 75       HE  %XRaderus: 
                             Why this man guilded Martiall I muse 
EpLin       H04.122 75-76    HE  %XEpithalamion made at Lincolnes Inne 
                             The Sun beames in the East are spread 
Eclog       H04.123 76v-80   HE  %XEclogue: / Induceing an Epithalamion at the Marriage / 
                                 of the E: of S:                                                  
                             Allophanes finding Idios in the Country that 
Henry       H04.124 80-81    HE  %XElegie: Prince Henrie: 
                             Looke to mee, ffaith. and looke to my faith: God 
Har         H04.125 81-84v   HE  %XElegie Lord: Harrington. 
                             Faire Soule w%5ch%6 wast not only as all Soules be 
Metem (Ltr) H04.126 85r-85v  HE  %XInfinitati Sacrum: / Metempsychosis / Poema Satiricon / Epistle: / *:
                             Others at the Porches, and entries of their buildinges 
Metem       H04.127 86-94v   HE  %XFirst Songe. 
                             I sing the progress of a deathlesse Soule 
Cor1        H04.128 95       HE  %XDivine Poems.|. / La Corona[scribal flourish]:  
                             1[LM] Daigne at my hands this crowne of prayer, and praise 
Cor2        H04.129 95       HE  %XAnnunciation 
                             2[LM] Salvation to all that will is nigh  
Cor3        H04.130 95v      HE  %XNatiuitie. 
                             3[LM] Immensitie cloistred in thy deare wombe 
Cor4        H04.131 95v      HE  %XTemple: 
                             4[LM] With his kinde mother who pertakes thy woe 
Cor5        H04.132 96       HE  %XCrucifying: 
                             5[LM] By miracles exceeding power of man 
Cor6        H04.133 96       HE  %XResurrection. 
                             6[LM] Moist w%5th%6 one dropp of thy bloud my drye Soule 
Cor7        H04.134 96v      HE  %XAscention 
                             7[LM] Salute the last, and euerlasting daie 
HSDue       H04.135 96v      HE  [om]   
                             1[LM] As due by many tithes I resigne 
HSBlack     H04.136 97       HE  [om] 
                             2:[LM] Oh my black Soule, nowe thou art sum%Moned 
HSScene     H04.137 97       HE  [om] 
                             3:[LM] This is my Playes last Sceane: Here heauens appoint  
HSRound     H04.138 97v      HE  [om] 
                             4:[LM] At the round Earths imagin'd corners blowe: 
HSMin       H04.139 97v      HE  [om]   
                             5[LM] If poisonous mineralls, and if that tree 
HSDeath     H04.140 98       HE  [om] 
                             6:[LM] Death, be not prowde, though some have called thee 
HSSpit      H04.141 98       HE  [om] 
                             7[LM] Spitt in my face y%5ee%6 Iewes, and peirce my side 
HSWhy       H04.142 98v      HE  [om]   
                             8:[LM] Why are we by all creatures waited on? 
HSWhat      H04.143 98v      HE  [om]   
                             9:[LM] What if this present were the worlds last night? 
HSBatter    H04.144 99       HE  [om] 
                             10:[LM] Batter my heart three persond God; ffor yo.%5w%6  
HSWilt      H04.145 99       HE  [om] 
                             11[LM] Wilt thou love god, as he, thee? %Jth**%K[MVar:>%Jthou%K<] digest,  
HSPart      H04.146 99v      HE  [om] 
                             12[LM] ffather, part of his double interest 
Lam         H04.147 99v-105v HE  %XThe Lamentations of Ieremy for  / the most part accordinge to / 
                                 Tremelius  / %XChap: 1: 
                             v:1:[LM] Howe sitts this Cittie late most populous 
Lit         H04.148 106-109v HE  %XA Letanie.| / The Father: 
                             1[LM] Father of heaven, and him by whom 
Goodf       H04.149 109v-110  HE  %XGood Fridaye / Made as I was rideing westward, that daie. 
                             Let mans soule be a Spheare, and then in this 
Annun       H04.150 110-111  HE  %XVpon the Annunciation: when Good- / friday fell vpon the Same daie. 
                             Tamely fraile Bodie, abstaine to daie; to daie 
Cross       H04.151 111-112  HE  %XOn the Crosse: 
                             Since Christ imbrac'd the Cross, >>%Vitself<< dare I 
Res         H04.152 112      HE  %XResurrection: 
                             Sleepe, sleepe olde Sun, thou canst not haue repast 
Christ      H04.153 112v     HE  %XA Hymne to Christ. 
                             In what torne shipp soeuer I imbarque 
Father      H04.154 113      HE  %XTo Christ 
                             Wilt thou forgiue that Sinne where I begunne 
nc          H04.155 113v     HE  %X>>A Wife. / By Sir Th. Overbury<< 
                             >>48 stanzas<<[LM] Each woman is a Briefe of woman kinde 
[followed by several non-Donne items which precede the Paradoxes]

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